Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Selepas PAS di K.Terengganu, DAP tambah 1 kerusi di Sibu

Inilah kali kedua Pakatan Rakyat dapat merampas kerusi Parlimen dari Barisan Nasional selepas pilihanraya 2008. Kali pertama adalah Pilihanraya kecil Parlimen Kuala Terengganu yang berjaya dirampas PAS dari Umno Barisan Nasional.
Rentitan selepas tamat pengundian 16 Mei 2010 di Sibu, Sarawak-Star
7.00pm: Two hours after the closing of voting and with about 45% of votes counted, the result is still too narrow to call, although DAP's Wong Ho Leng has a slight edge.After 57 boxes were counted, Ho Leng had a lead of around 900 votes as the urban ballot boxes are being counted. Earlier he was trailing by almost 2,000 votes when the rural votes were being counted.
8.15pm: Official results - 80 out of 110 boxes countedBN 11,026DAP 12,567Independent 127
8.45pm: Official results - 95 out of 110 boxes countedBN 13,425DAP 15,493
9.20pm: DAP has claimed victory in the by-election, although the official result has not been announced by the Election Commission. Party adviser Lim Kit Siang tweeted that the party had achieved the "Sibu Miracle" but stopped short of claiming victory."Majority prob v narrow but its Sibu Miracle if true. Will not update further as results incomplete. Keep fingers crossed n pray," Lim tweeted.However, DAP's Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi was nmore forthright and claimed: "DAP wins Sibu". At the Sibu Civic Centre, where tallying is going on and the official results expected to be announced within the next hour, there were hardly any BN leaders present.
10pm: All 110 boxes counted, but 2,537 postal votes cast not tallied yet.DAP 18,775BN 16,124Independent 196Anxious Sibu folk waiting outside the Sibu Civic Centre for the result of the by-election
10.45pm: There is no recount of votes, says the state Election director. The dispute is over the validity of witnesses' signature for postal votes. The matter is being resolved now.

11.00pm: DAP's Wong Ho Leng won the by-election by 398 votes,
DAP garnering 18,845 votes to beat
BN's Robert Lau Hui Yew (18,447).
Independent Narawi Haron polled 232 votes.

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